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Last Week on the Web

Sorry for the delay! Yesterday was a busy busy day and I didn’t have a chance to work on this, but here it is, some yarn-related happenings from last week on the web!

Knits in the News
Simply American posted a blog about American wool, featuring Imperial Yarns.

I love these stamps for Japan’s New Year cards. The artwork is so cute and I love the continuation—twelve years later, little sheep has a scarf!

Great article about the sustainability of sheeps’ wool as a resource.

A woman in Oregon who has been knitting for more than 90 years (really!) claims knitting and her diet have helped her live to be 104. I doff my hat to you, madam.

VeryShannon has created a knitting Christmas playlist to get you in the spirit while you frantically finish gifts. I admit, I’m having a hard time getting into the holidays this year, but this is a nice collection of holiday music if you’re already on board!

Patterns celebrated it’s 50th issue launch last week with some stunning patterns from Kate Atherley, Julia Farwell-Clay, Carla Pletzer, Amy Christoffers, to name a few.

The Stitch Sprouts gang rounded up some great single single skein projects for those last minute gifts.

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