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Short post this week but with TNNA this last weekend and January hitting it’s mid-point, hopefully next week will have lots more to share. In the meantime…

Knits in the News
Truth. 22 Things that Happen When You Get Into Knitting. Scroll past #20 if you’re of a delicate constitution because OI.

What are your thoughts on knitting machines? I’ve never used one, though I am kind of fascinated by them. If I had all these fancy tools, I could totally make my own, thanks to these guys and their open source circular knitting machine.

Kristen Hanley Cardozo (aka the Knitting Kninja) wrote up a hilarious blog for The Toast on Things For Which You Can Find Knitting Patterns. Not only do I appreciate Kristen’s journalistic efforts but I also am incredibly grateful for her correct usage of prepositions in the title. (Seriously. Made my day.)

A Canadian crochet designer will be rubbing elbows with celebrities in the gift lounge at the 72nd Golden Globes! So awesome to see handcrafts being represented at such an event!

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