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Happy Monday! It’s Groundhog’s Day, it’s Super Bowl hangover day (I don’t know if that’s a real thing but I’m sure some people are really feeling it), and it’s the day I announce the winner of the Hetty’s Garden Coat pattern from From Folly Cove! And that winner is… BETH HOlT! Congratulations Beth, I’ll be in touch about your PDF copy of Hetty’s Garden Coat!

Other happenings on the web from last week!

Knits in the News
This article made the rounds a bit last week: “Never Say this to a Knitter”. While I agree with all of the points that the author made, I don’t really get angry if people say something like that to me—I just laugh and say “sure, if you have x-amount to spend on a handmade sweater.” But to each, right?

Allyson Dykhuizen is getting some awesome knitting-related bags printed and wants your help choosing the designs! Go vote through February 5!

Now, a phrase I do get pissed off about is “Knitting: Not just for grannies anymore.” Especially when it’s used by knitters. But that’s not the point of this article: Chilean knitters (who may or may not be grandmothers but GUESS WHAT that’s not relevant to anything) are yarn bombing structures to build the community spirit.

And yet another article about how knitting keeps us healthy.

Rachel Coopey has just released her second Coop Knits Socks book and it looks awesome.

Meanwhile Pom Pom Quarterly posted images from their upcoming spring issue and there are some beautiful projects in there!

Heather over at Stitch Sprouts shared two ways to join new yarn. I love spit splicing (seriously) but I’ve been using magic knot in some projects (mostly when they’re superwash yarns). Do you have a technique you like to use?

Diana Walla shares her tips for keeping colorwork projects from getting too tight.

The ladies at A Beautiful Mess used yarn to make this super cool graphic embroidered art and I immediately thought it would be a cool way to use up random scrap yarn!


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