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Month in Review: January 2015

What the hell happened to January? I know it happened. I just can’t believe it’s already gone. It was crazy busy and I feel like I blinked and we went from December to February. I took two trips, one to Arizona and one to California, and also came down with a 24 hour knock-you-on-your-ass illness (seriously, there was one Saturday in January, thankfully while I was home, that I was only awake for about five hours because of a crazy exhausting head cold). So I didn’t actually finish anything in January. Go me!

But I did post about things I finished in December!

There was my Får Hat which is so soft and cozy. I would live in it if we weren’t having a kind of grossly warm winter (look, I’m a weirdo).

And I also posted about my Batman Returns–inspired hat which I still love dearly.

Soooo here’s hoping February may be a more productive month!

Goal Recap:
Goal 1: No buying yarn unless for specific projects that will be cast on immediately
Mostly a success! I did buy a skein of yarn at ImagiKnit when I was in San Francisco, and I don’t know what it’s going to be just yet but otherwise, I only bought yarn to make the Sly Fox cowl, which I did cast on immediately (even if I haven’t finished it yet…) and I also bought more yarn to make another Sly Fox cowl, to look like a wolf, to go along with a costume that I need to finish by Saturday evening. That yarn arrived yesterday and it’s wound, so casting on tonight!
Goal 2: Finish WIPs Haven’t finished anything but have made progress, so, half-win?
Goal 3: Simplify This is one of my major life goals for this year and unfortunately January made it kind of tricky to practice. Between travelling, illness, and just general busy-ness, I wasn’t home enough to really dig into the amount of stuff I have and the time I spend dealing with it all, but I have piles started for Goodwill and a three day weekend coming up in a little while, during which I hope to really do some serious overhauling of things.

I managed to mostly keep up with the #yearofmaking tag via Instagram. Here’s a few of my favorite photos.

How is your 2015 going so far?

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