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Hope you all had a great weekend!

Knits in the News
Not so much about knitting, specfically, but here’s an interesting write up on 18 things creative people do differently. Do you identify with any of these habits?

WTF there was a whole day devoted to sweaters and no one told me?! And of course it’s in Canada. Those Canadians think of everything.

Want to get in on the knitting home decor trend but shy away from the idea of knitting blankets? (No judgement—through trial and error I have decided knitting blankets is a giant pain in the ass.) Here’s a round up of some ideas for decorating your house with yarn that don’t involve knitting an afghan.

Why I decided to trash the stash by Purl Heroine. I could write pages about this and they would be all contradictory (“I NEED my stash but OMG it’s stressing me out”) but I won’t—what are your thoughts on stashing?

The minds at Stitch Sprouts have a couple more ideas on how to join yarn as you go.

Cocoknits shares a better way to bind off a neckline. Have you worked a neckline like this? I have to say, it’s kind of amazing how smooth that edge is—I’ll have to try this with my next sweater!

Presented without commentary.

Health Scare at Harold Knitting Circle as Members Found to Have Been Sharing Needles

Woman No Longer Sure What She’s Knitting


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