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Reasons to not forget it’s Monday and you have to publish a Last Week on the Web post: Tuesday will inevitably be slammed so you’ll have trouble finding the time to do it the rest of the week! Anyway, here it is a little late.

Knits in the News
Really fascinating read on the effect climate change is having on wool.

LOVE THIS! Australia’s oldest man is a knitting fiend. An absolutely wonderful story.

And in response to the post about “never say this to a knitter” (appeared on Last Week on the Web two weeks ago), the counter argument: Knitting is a right, not a privilege. What do you think?

I’ve never heard some of these: Patty Lyons’ Top Ten Least Favorite Knitting Myths. Do you have any knitting myths you hate? Mine is “Oh I wish I could do that but I just can’t.” LIE.

And two stories from the “Restoring Faith in Humanity” column: a Spokane lady is knitting hats for the homeless, and a mystery person has been leaving handknits during the crazy continuous snowstorm enveloping the northeast.

Women in Knitting Business alert! Jimmy Beans Wool founder Laura Zander was interviewed for a local NPR station.

Pamela Wynne has been BUSY. She’s recently launched six (SIX!!!) design collections with Juniper Moon Farm yarns. They are the Electric Collection, the Downtown Collection, the Penny Collection, the Uptown Collection, Modern Amusements, and the Stria Collection. I think my favorite is Modern Amusements—love the Luna Pullover

Franklin Habit has shared with us the 2015 Knitting Horoscopes. Capricorn is kind of lame, but probably also true.

And finally.

A completely edible scarf.

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