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Last Week on the Web

Kind of a slow week in kniting-related news!

Knits in the News
Huge news in knitting! Well… just huge knitting, really.

Knit Purl takes a look at the Polwarth breed of sheep in this adorable infographic.

This is a crochet tip, but it is National Crochet Month! So if you’re bicraftual (or just looking to experiment a bit), check out this tip for a neater, more elastic edge in crochet.

Emily at Berroco shares a way to work a lateral braid in a KnitBits video.

The Knitty Spring/Summer 15 has launched! Personally, nothing is screaming “knit me now” though there’s lots of great projects in there—I just generally have trouble getting excited for warm-weather knits (give me warm woolly sweaters every day!). Anything you’re loving in this issue?

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