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Last Week on the Web

Here we are on another Monday! Did you miss any of these happenings last week? Did I miss anything I need to know about?

Knits in the News
The title says it all: The Ridiculously Sweet Story Behind Mr Rogers’ Cardigans

Who doesn’t need one more story about how knitting is great for mental health? There’s apparently new data on how great “textile therapy” can be.

If you need a chuckle, read through these 46 random facts about knitting. Some of them are “no duh” moments and others are really kind of surprising.

I absolutely love this lady! An 87 year old woman designs and knits her own fabulous clothes.

Sweet Georgia Yarns has a new yarn in their line up—what do you think of it?

Diana Walla shared her tips for trapping floats in colorwork.

Not directly related to knitting, but I thought this was a great write up on how to do flatlay photos.

Amy Herzog talked about different ways to shape garments in this excellent post.


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