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Knits in the News
This is pretty much the only story you actually need to see because it’s awesome! Orphaned lamb living it up in NYC.

Apparently cardigans are “making a comeback”, at least in the fashion world. Did they go away? I must have missed that.

Meet Ellie, a young girl who started her own nonprofit to help woman in Rwanda and Chile earn a living through knitting hats with yarn the women spun.

Also in feel good news, women in Bolivia are knitting parts for hearts—this is definitely a must read!

And one for the “uh, okay” pile, “Why Knit Ties are the Casual, Anti-Power Tie for Spring”. These are much finer knit ties than most I’ve ever seen, but I’ve also never seen anyone actually wearing a knit tie. Then again I’ve never lived or worked in a place where ties are generally worn.

Laura Chau shared her tips for grafting underarm stitches with no holes.
Just so you know—I will always, always share tips on blocking. Because blocking is that important. And so here’s another blog about blocking from Emily over at Berroco.
This post has some general tips on working with circular needles, but I especially like the part about how to get around the potentially tricky aspect of needles that aren’t quite long enough

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