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My Stash for the Correct Cabled Sweater

You ever have those moments when you can mentally see a particular thing and you’re utterly confused as to why you don’t already have it? This happens to me a lot. Especially with knitwear. Take last evening, for example. I was planning my outfit for today, because the weather is supposed to be a little chilly and that means sweaters and that makes me happy. And into my mind’s eye popped what I think would be a really great outfit for these transitional spring days. Something like this…

image found on this site via Pinterest

But not white and not fitted and not with heels because my ankles suck and I’d probably die, but that general idea.

This is what I posted on Instagram last night while trying to figure this out.


So I spent this morning perusing Ravelry to see what options were already available, gathering to me some inspiration, but mostly just making me annoyed that it’s April and cabled-sweater weather will soon be a distant memory (at least until October or so).

This whole thing might be Melissa Wehrle’s fault. She knit Ondawa earlier this year and I’m realizing there are a few elements that I really love about it for my Imaginary Sweater, but it needs to be longer, and the sleeves plainer (for my Mind Sweater—Bristol’s original is amazing and I’d totally wear it as is, too).

Spinnaker has the right kind of cables but again, too much going on in the sleeves, and I think I need bigger cables.

This Confident Cables sweater from Red Heart is in the right direction with the variety of cables, but I want a crew neck, and again, the sleeves.

Apparently Brooklyn Tweed is just on the right track, though I haven’t yet found one of their patterns that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Millisande is not really what I’m looking for at this moment at all but I love it so I’m including it.

This Aegean Pullover is in the right direction—staghorn cables, plain sleeves, crew neck—but it’s a little too plain for what I’m seeing in my eye. Still a nice sweater.

Pullover PT8205 has the right kind of shape, a nice balance of cables and stockinette, and the name sounds like something from Star Wars, but the cables aren’t what I’m looking for and they’re not laid out the way I want.

Becky Herrick’s Grand View combines great cable patterns. I want mine to be a little looser and a little more eclectic in patterning.

I searched through 29 pages of women’s cabled sweater patterns using DK or worsted weight yarn and didn’t find what I’m looking for—sometimes you have to search, because it’s possible your brain just stored away something for later and that’s what your Mind Sweater actually is. And I’m going to go searching through other patterns to see if there’s something even closer. But I’m strongly suspecting there will be a lot of swatching for my own creation in the future. You know, when I can wrest control of my knitting time away from these adorable babies and their blanket “needs.”

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9 replies

    1. Yes! I love Thea’s designs. I did look at Ommegang but it’s not the cable that I’m looking for, and the cables were shifted a bit too much to the side for what I want right now, though both of those are definitely in my favorites!

  1. What about Beatnik by Norah Gaughan? Thats what I’m knitting right now and its fantastic! I had the same issue a few weeks ago wanting to knit a cabled pullover.

    1. I love Beatnik! It’s been in my queue/favorites list for ages. It’s not quite what I’m envisioning for my Mind Sweater but it’s definitely a great sweater.

  2. You mentioned DK or worsted, but maybe a sport weight might make a better 3-season layering piece? I write that because I was doing a similar search and found a couple….
    You’d want, I think, to nix the ease and skip the rib on the sleeve, but it may be headed in the right direction.

    Also sport weight only has 175 cabled crew neck sweaters, so fewer pages to search. 🙂

    1. I don’t love the idea of knitting a garment for myself in sportweight—too much yarn, too much knitting (I’m a bigger girl, and an impatient one to boot). Not to mention, I run hot enough that I barely get one season out of my sweaters—it just doesn’t get cold enough here for my tastes! I was thinking of looking at DK weight yarn and knitting it at a slightly looser gauge, to counteract the natural tendencies of cables to pull in. But that’s an awesome pattern!

  3. Have you seen the sweaters from “A Fine Fleece”? From what I remember the sizing is a little limited but they have lots of cable options. I think Interweave Winter 2014 had a lot of cabled sweater options in it too. Hope you find the sweater you’re looking for : )

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