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Okay so last week was a bit more bustling in terms of things to read! What was your favorite story from last week? Did I miss anything?

Knits in the News
How cool would it be to run around on a yarn-bombed playground?!
I just love reading Ashley’s updates on her burgeoning fiber mill.
This quiz is FLAAAAWWWWED (you’ll know what I mean) and also oddly titled but Can you answer these 12 “basic” knitting questions?
Brooklyn Tweed had some really big news last week.
If you like the idea of knitting sweaters for animals, here’s another article on knitting for nature.
Even this can’t save The Dark Knight, in my book, but it’s pretty cool to see that Bane is playing with string in some way in the movie. I can’t tell if he’s knitting or crocheting or just screwing around with yarn but it’s kind of a cool nod to a classic book.
In my next life, I’m coming back as a disorderly goat.
Not knitting related, but kind of could be—just imagine using 30,000 bottle caps to decorate your home in a Fair Isle pattern!
This is an absolutely awesome article on the rich-knitting traditions of yesterday and today on the Faroe Islands.
A nice overview of Wool and the Gang.

Alexis Winslow shared this insightful post about how needle choice can affect your gauge. The more you know!

Oh man, this afghan is amazing!.


Fourteen Things Knitters Will Understand

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