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Knits in the News
Meet James Rebanks, sheep farmer and social media winner, in this interview on BuzzFeed. If nothing else, look at this page for the adorable sheep photos.

Kate Davies wrote about a woman who knitted her fence!!! This is amazing and almost makes me wish I had a garden (thought that would require time and energy to tend a garden).

Amy Herzog is taking her genius and making it available as a smartphone with her Knitter’s Toolbox app.

This is a lovely story about a Oklahoma City bombing survivor knitting what it essentially a memorial sweater.

A woman was challenged to create blankets for the needy in remembrance of Nelson Mandela, and with the help of knitters from around the world, could make it into the Guiness Book of World Records.

A group in Canada is knitting milk mats to help the homeless. Canadians… what’s a milk bag?!

Alexis Winslow did an excellent if mildly terrifying write up of how to moth-proof your knits.

In case you missed it, Brooklyn Tweed released their second men’s collection with some stunners in there, and I’m not just talking about the patterns. /rimshot

I have some issues with the outburst that an ssk is an “ugly” stitch—what are you doing that you feel so strongly about a knitting stitch?!—but if you feel the same, here’s an alternate way to make a decrease that mirrors a k2tog.

Look, I will forever share any post on color theory. This one comes from Tanis Gray. Read it.


Oh the dangers of being married to a knitter. You never thought they might include participating in a video about various “cozies”, though designer Mari Chiba’s husband did an excellent job.

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  1. Milk in Canada, instead of coming in plastic jugs or paperboard cartons comes in plastic bags with a spout…sort of like the bag inside a box of wine. There are special pitchers to put the bags in or you can just pour out of the bag. They’re quite nifty and use much less material to make as well as taking up less space.

  2. I had a good laugh at your milk bag comment. But it’s exactly what Megi said above. Milk sold and stored in this form was huge in the 80s and 90s, but I know on the West Coast of Canada it has sizzled out and is no longer the norm. I think it’s still going strong in the East?

    Sorry in advance if this photo is massive!

  3. I feel so special for making it in your round up of last week on the web! Being married to a knitter IS dangerous. Brian also wrote a blog post about it for me a while back…

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