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Oh hello there June, you certainly snuck up on us! Here’s some things that happened in the last week of May.

Oh man, this Cupcake Pixel Blanket is ADORABLE. Also, PIXEL DOCKING STATION. Just think about it.

These are really interesting art pieces made with crochet.

Nicholas Hoult is the self-declared King of Knitting, after learning to knit on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road from none other than the Queen of Everything (Film Edition), Charlize Theron. As of yet, no images of this endeavor have surfaced to my knowledge, but oh god I want there to be images.

So if you happen to live in or near Sydney, Australia, you should definitely try to find this giant, light-up crocheted amigurumi doll. Because WHY NOT. also, crafting with LED rope… I’m getting ideas.

The first video podcast of YarnTalk went live, featuring Allyson Dykhuizen, Leah Coccari-Swift, and Heidi Idon’tknowherlastnamesorry! Watch it on YouTube—I can’t wait to see what else these ladies come up with!

Uhm… best idea, or BEST IDEA? Do you have any tricks for managing projects that get heavier as you knit on them?

This is an incredibly lovely idea to raise awareness about homelessness, using crochet and knitted pieces to highlight the sense of warmth and security having a home can bring. Beautiful story.

This is pretty much the only acceptable use of pom-poms, if you ask me. and also OH MY GOD.

Whoaaa, who knew that knitted vests could be so controversial? Apparently there’s much ado about some cricket “jumpers” and people are MAD. Unfortunately this write-up didn’t include an image of previous cricket jumpers, probably assuming that anyone interested in cricket jumpers knows what they look like.

Berroco shared a video on how to assemble a drop-shoulder sweater. I’ve actually not yet knit a drop-shoulder sweater, have you?

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