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Here we are, another Monday! How was your weekend? Get any great knitting done?

Knits in the News
The gang behind Nudiknits are back at it with 22-minute video called Tickled Pink. Watch it here or click this link to open it in a new window.

Print this out and play with all of your friends! You know, until your paper wilts from the humidity/condensation from cold drinks.

This is a great way to use up swatches! A company in portland makes zero-waste potholders and coasters with reclaimed wool.

Well this blog dumps a lot of hate on granny square blanekts but it’s also cool to see how pervasive they are (probably because we all like them, haters).

A vote for Yarn Stewart is a vote for, uh…something?

This video is mind-boggling and amazing. Get yourself some quiet time to devote to watching it!

Notorious RBG (aka Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) receives a hand-made lace collar (or jabot) from a crafter writes wonderful thank you note.

Five things crocheters are tired of hearing.

Finally, scholars at a university have created a radio chip that’s small enough to embed in yarn. Intended as an anti-theft device for store-bought clothing, I think they’re missing an opportunity to help us crafters never lose our projects again.

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