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Last Week on the Web

This is the fifty-second Last Week on the Web post! I know I’ve missed a few weeks here and there, but I’ve been doing this for at least a year now. I’ve enjoyed keeping an eye out for various knitting news-worthy items; have you enjoyed reading these? Any suggestions for different things I might try?

Knits in the News
I love this idea!

This is getting cross-stitched. Some day.

If you want a quick(ish) way to make i-cord, check out this post: Attack of the Knitting Nancys.

Yarnover Truck shared five ways to support your LYS that won’t break the bank.

Forever 21 has an art installation that changes by using spools of thread instead of modern-day pixels. It’s pretty neat!

One more image from Facebook!

Twenty-one things you only know if you knit. I quibble with a few of these statements but I wholeheartedly endorse a few others.

And finally, Quince and Co shared a post detailing the tricky relationship between fibers and water use, specifically related to Willet, their new California-grown cotton yarn.

Photo from Quince and Co post

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