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FO: Easy Baby Blanket by Andi Satterlund

I FINALLY FINISHED A BLANKET. One down, ::indecipherable murmuring:: to go. One, ah, ah, ah.

Look I’m a little delirious with the joy of having finished one of these, and the child in question isn’t even six months yet. It’s the little things.

The child in question, wrapped up in the blanket in question, and of course you can’t actually see the whole thing because I didn’t have a chance to take a full photo of it before I handed it over. I was, in fact, weaving in the ends while having a coffee date with this little fellow and his mom. Because I’m classy like that.

The pattern is Andi Satterlund’s Easy Baby Blanket, and it is ridiculously easy. Garter stitch with yarnovers and ssk and k2tog decreases. Perfect knitting for beginners.

Of course my gauge was off, so while it says it’s supposed to be about 38″ square, I think mine was probably closer to 50″ square.

I loved the colors in Andi’s original sample, but I was mostly stash-busting for this and used up a good amount of Berroco Vintage worsted in Holly, Buttercream, Violetta, Oats, Tang, and Kingfisher. Some of these colors were left over from the blanket I knit for baby Callis last year, a couple of them were originally purchased for other projects that have since been scrapped (not because I requisitioned the yarn for this project), and I only bought the oats color because I knew the two middle sections were going to require the most amount of yarn (because logic and also because Andi gives rough yardage estimates in her pattern) and I didn’t have quite enough for both sections in my stash.

I’m so excited to have been able to finish this and gift it to my friend! Even if it is like 90º here right now. Baby blankets are always necessary, right? I have a goal of trying to finish the second blanket before the end of the month—I’m about 40% finished with it. I think it can happen!

I think I may also be crazy.

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  1. I hope blankets are always necessary, because I’m mostly through a baby blanket for my sister’s new baby right now even though it’s like 5 degrees with 95% humidity here right now! Your blanket looks beautiful, and best of luck on the next one!

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