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Happy Labor Day to everyone celebrating! I’m happy to have an extra day—hope to get some knitting done but I’ve also started seriously cleaning out my apartment. This deep cleaning is the only thing saving my sanity right now.

Oh yeah and I changed the layout up a bit. What do you think?

Knits in the News
The big news last week is a) the release of a new issue of Knitty and b) the announcement that Knitty is looking for knitters to contribute to their Patreon campaign to help keep Knitty totally free.

This is such a cool sculpture!

Prisoners in New Zealand are knitting blankets and other items to help animals in need.

Love this video of how this yarn factory makes self-striping yarn.

I don’t even use the yarn bowl that I have but I want this one!

Karina Westermann attended and spoke at In the Loop Glasgow and it sounds like it was an amazing time! Have you attended any academic knitting-related conferences?

Seven reasons to knit your accessories this fall. As if we needed any more reasons.

Alanna Okun of Buzzfeed wrote about the impact knitting has had on helping her keep a balance in her life.

Move over Shrek the Sheep! There’s a new rogue sheep who set a record for most fleece shorn.

Kate Davies takes us behind the scenes of yarn scouring in preparation for her new yarn line.

Here’s an incredible story about a woman, possibly the last person on earth, who makes sea silk.

The Barnsley Civic museum in the United Kingdom is hosting a Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood exhibit that would probably be incredible to see in person.

Understanding “multiples” in stitch-based crafting. The focus is on crochet but it easily applies to knitting as well and is very useful for anyone who has ever come across a “multiples of” instruction in a knitting pattern.

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