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Who Killed Laura Palmer?

Here I go, talking about things I know nothing about: the subject line of this post is the extent of what I know of cult TV show Twin Peaks.

That’s right, I’ve never seen Twin Peaks before. It’s on my watchlist, but that list is looooong. I’ve heard lots of talk about Twin Peaks, I think I shared a Buzzfeed link about the knitwear on Twin Peaks (I did, in an early installment of Last Week on the Web), but I haven’t yet sat down to watch the show.

All of that said, when Teresa Gregorio and Leah Coccari-Swift announced they were creating a Twin Peaks–inspired pattern collection, called Great Northern Knits, I jumped all over that.

Why? Obviously I know that this show is known for it’s knitwear, since I vaguely remembered sharing a link about it from almost a year ago. But mostly because I know that Teresa and Leah are two incredible knitwear designers in their own right, and any collaborative endeavor between them is bound to be amazing.

Just take a look at the sketches and sample images for the collection!

You can see more sketches at the Great Northern Knits website.

To help get this collection into the hands of knitwear lovers and Twin Peaks fans (and obviously those people that live in the intersection of those groups, Teresa and Leah have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of the book. I totally nabbed one of the prizes that included both the digital and print version of the Great Northern Knits book, as well as patterns from Leah, even though I’ve never seen this show. I just love the ideas they’ve put out into the world, and I know that this is going to be an awesome product. Maybe I’ll knit some of the sweaters while finally (finally) watching Twin Peaks!

Head over to the Great Northern Knits Kickstarter page and help support outside-the-box independent publishing!

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