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Knits in the News
Sheep dogs in Australia are being employed in protecting a dwindling colony of penguins. If you read nothing else in this post, READ THIS. All the warm fuzzies.

Meredith Parmalee finished the New York City Marathon all while knitting. I can finish tv series marathons while knitting…

Robert Downey, Jr. shared this awesome illustration by Karl James Mountford (same guy who did the Batman knitting illustration on a mug that I own).

Stephen West announced his new knitalong in a way that only Stephen West can.

Sheep are being blamed for an emergency airplane landing in Southeast Asia. Specifically, flatulent sheep are being blamed. Yep. Sheep farts supposedly brought down a plane.

This is like one of those “Magic Eye 3D posters” but with 500 sheep. shared 5 things you should be doing to prepare for the holidays as relates to crafts. I’ve just given up on crafting things for the holidays in general, but I wish I could be at a point where I could make it a priority. And that my family lived in knit-appropriate climates.

Trend watching is calling for garments that will inevitably earn you comparisons to a yeti but are still kind of cute and will bring out your inner Agnes in no time.

Here’s an Exhaustive blog post on block a hand knit sweater. I’m all for blocking, but I’ve never broken out the wires (even though I have some). Have you? What was your experience with using wires?

Teresa at Canary Knits talks knitted shoulder pads. What do you think?

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