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Knits in the News
These chickens might have better hand knit sweaters than you.

Warning: this story about a woman who knits Izzy Dolls to give to children in disaster areas will probably make you feel many, many feelings. The article provides more information if you want to get involved knitting Izzy Dolls to contribute to the cause.

You can pre-order Eric and Joanna Johnson’s new book, Henry’s Hat and it looks adorable

Actress Katherine Heigl got into extreme knitting with some giant knitting needles

Zhengzhou University students have knit more than 500 scarves to give to street cleaners to keep them warm during winter.

Andi Satterlund shares her tips for knitting at holiday parties. I’ve frequently used the “oh look! my knitting” excuse to stay away from the food table. Do you have any tips?

The Yarn Loop shared their 10 Best Knitting Books. How many of these are on your list? Which books would you add or subtract?

Here’s a really cool video, entirely in Norwegian but with subtitles, about recreating the oldest Norwegian garment.

A woman in England has spent more than 4,000 hours knitting sweaters for greyhounds.

Moment of Zen

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