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FO: Tamarix Quilt

OMG, people, I have finished TWO THINGS in the last few days and I do not know what to do with myself. One of those things I finished is the Tamarix Quilt which I knit for Megi’s son Logan (who is about a year and a half now, so totally doing “fine” on the “finish these blankets before the kid starts kindergarten” goal that I had).
This pattern, designed by Heather Zoppetti, is brilliant in the way that pretty much everything Heather does is brilliant. The pattern is pieced together, kind of like a sewn quilt, but knit using mitered squares. In the original pattern, Heather included instructions for picking up and attaching the square together as you knit. I chose to knit each square individually and seam them all together for two reasons: 1) I wanted to be able to take the square with me and just bust them out one at a time, regardless of where I was (as opposed to carting around an entire in-progress blanket) and 2) I’m an idiot who likes seaming.
So, in the normal course of things, this should not have taken me over a year to complete. I actually knit about half of it last year, before insanity ensued, and whipped out the other half of it over the last few months. Each square only took about half an hour to knit. It’s just when you have to knit 100 of them, and life keeps throwing obstacles in your way, finding half an hour to knit is sometimes really, really difficult. But I’m really, really happy with the way this came out, and really, really happy that the post office delivered this package super fast! I mailed it out on Saturday morning and it got to Megi’s house (a little less than 700 miles away) this morning. Way to go post office!
I still have about four more blankets for babies born last year that I want to make, but as I said, my new goal is to get them done before the children in question start school. Keep your fingers crossed.

My second FO of late will be posted as soon as I can photograph it!

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