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FO: Hybrid Hudson Bay Blanket

I know it’s Friday, and that I usually post pattern finds on Fridays, but a) I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while and b) I’m really, really tired of the avalanche of messy bun hats (if they’re totally your jam, that’s awesome, but I’m pretty sure we have all the messy bun hat patterns we will ever need at this point, that’s all I’m saying). So instead of digging for patterns, I’m sharing the third of six baby blankets in the Baby Blanket Plan!

This is a hybrid pattern—I used the numbers from the Tamarix Quilt, with a bulky weight yarn, and combined it with the block layout of this unavailable Mitered Blocks Blanket pattern from Patons. It was really quite easy to crib together, and very fast to knit.

This baby blanket went to my friend Lisa’s little guy, who just turned a year old (yeah I went out of order). I hope he likes it!

If you want to try to recreate this, I suggest purchasing the Tamarix Quilt pattern, because it’s a well-written pattern and includes instructions for joining as you go, which I did in this version.

I used Berroco Vintage Chunky in White (approximately 4 skeins), Indigo (approximately 3 skeins), Gold (2 skeins), Cherry, and Mistletoe (1 skein each). The main block is knit with 8 rows of Indigo, 6 rows of Gold, 2 rows Mistletoe, 2 rows White, 2 rows Cherry, and then finish the square with white. The secondary block is 8 rows white, 4 rows Indigo, and the rest White. To finish, I worked single crochet around the edging—1 single crochet round in White, 1 in Indigo, and then 2 in white (maybe 3—I didn’t actually take notes because that would be a smart thing to do).

I’m more than half-done with the fourth baby blanket, so maybe by this time next year I’ll have finally accomplished that goal!

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