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Notebook: Sarla Shawl Knitting Pattern by Corrina Ferguson

I’m happy to be able to show off this shawl! I knit it for a friend during a Ravelry swap, and it was a secret up until a couple of weeks ago.

Pattern: Sarla Shawl (Ravelry page)
Craft: knitting
Designer: Corrina Ferguson
Yarn: Into the Whirled Pakokku Sock in Ramble Kettle-dyed colorway

I love Corrina’s designs and have a few in my pattern library, but this is the first one that I’ve knit. Sarla begins with the edging, knit in garter stitch; stitches are picked up to work the body. Projects that start with a lot of stitches are always kind of a pain to get going, but once you get into the rhythm of the pattern and start decreasing, it’s quite nice to start speeding up on a project. This is a small shawlette when it’s finished, perfect for draping over the shoulders almost fichu-style, but not very large.

I picked up this yarn at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago—Into the Whirled makes beautifully dyed yarn, and this was one of their kettle-dye efforts, taking an existing colorway and dyeing it in a more “blurred” method. It’s a good pairing for this pattern, which is worked in garter stitch and an open stitch pattern. I think most yarns would work well in this pattern—a solid or a gradient would be really great; a hand-painted variegated may get a bit muddled but it would likely still be nice. Knitting this in a heavier yarn would easily make this shawl larger.

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