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FO: Paravel Wrap by Megan Goodacre

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been forever since I finished something? THAT’S BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN. Or rather, anything that I feel I can talk about here. SIGH.


I actually have TWO FOs to show off soon. The first is Megan Goodacre’s Paravel Wrap. This pattern has been in my queue for ages—probably since it came out. I immediately fell in love with the simple lace and texture combination and the yarn Megan choose for the sample was just dreamy (I mean… with cashmere? Swoon.). I kept waiting and waiting for the right yarn to come along (because as gorgeous as the Sweet Georgia CashLuxe is, it’s generally a bit too lux for my budget—curses!). Then I came into a stash of Lang Yarns Asia (Yak) (without selling body parts—mine or anyone else’s) and knew that I would be knitting this wrap with this yarn.

So let’s talk about this wrap! It’s knit from one end to the other with a super simple, easy-to-remember stitch pattern that, once I got the hang of it, meant it made fairly decent travel knitting (it’s a long stole—I didn’t actually remember to measure the final project but it’s taller than me, so let’s say it’s at least 72″). I used the recommended needle size and loved the fabric that resulted. It shouldn’t have taken me 10 months to knit this, as I actually did the bulk of the knitting in about a month and a half, but please see above whinging about not having time to knit for myself in general.

I cast on for this project while on a mini-vacation to Portland, Maine, hanging out with Bristol Ivy and finally getting to meet Beatrice Perron Dahlen, so I think of them and that lovely little visit every time I worked on this project. And the yarn is PERFECT. So much drape and sheen, and the yak adds a depth to the color that you just can’t get with pretty much any other fiber.

And then I was dumb and didn’t remember to take photos until about 7 pm at night and my skin tone blends into the wall unless I heavily edit the photos and everything’s blurry. Good times.

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