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Macramé Monday: Early Beginnings

In my last (and first) post about macramé, I wrote about my inspiration and the tools I’m currently using to basically tie a lot of knots in string in an artful manner. I’m still learning the ins and outs but have had some success!

I made this wall hanging using white nylon cord and a pattern from Macramé Pattern Book and I was SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF that of course I decided to go crazy after that.

You know what’s not a good idea? Thinking you can immediately jump up to using a skinny hemp cord in your macramé projects. I mean, you can, obviously, but you should probably go into it with the thought “this is most definitely going to be a practice piece.” Using another pattern from Macramé Pattern Book and two colors of super skinny, stiff cord, I started working on this practice piece. It’s real wonky for the most part, but I’m now basically a matter at square knots and clover stitches. 

Since I know this isn’t going to be displayed anywhere, and I wanted to try a new pattern, I started working a leaf pattern at the bottom. Maybe next week I’ll have this finished!

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