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Macramé Monday: Photo Inspiration

I was in transit a lot last week so I haven’t had time to work on much of anything, including my macramé projects, so you get another week of inspirational posts!

A couple of weeks ago, I came across the @macramemakers Instagram account and started following them. They’re an aggregator account, meaning they find images from other Instagrammers and repost the photos to their account, so you can easily find people who are making/doing/sharing photos of things that are relevant to your interest. All of the photos I’m sharing here are photos I discovered via that account, so if you’re just generally interested in macramé, you should definitely follow @macramemakers!

You can find the photo creators in each of the descriptions below the photos.

Macrame Maker ✨: @the_forestfern —-

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Macrame Maker ✨: @reformfibers —- —- A few takeaways from my last post. // 3. People appreciate vulnerability and authenticity. I didn't have to address what I did, but it sat on my mind and so I did it. The response I got was overwhelming in the best way. Maybe the mean comment was a gift to me and to everyone in this community because it allowed us to connect. 2. Communication is key in unlocking happiness. Communicating my thoughts allows me to let go, move on, and progress. 1. This community is full of good people who pay attention to what's going on here; people who read, share, appreciate, and want to pay it forward. Thank you for uplifting me! // If you're curious about the Etsy Contest, I'm at 863 votes, not sure where I land in all of this, but I hope to win. Please take the time to vote if you haven't already. It takes less than 60 seconds. ✌🏼Link in profile.// This photo is from September of 2016, when I was really out growing my little macrame corner.

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Macrame Maker ✨: @middleaisle —- —- My @middleaisle May 13th Wall hanging class is Sold Out lovelies! It's the first class I'll be teaching in @thinkthornbury and I am so excited. The space is huge. It's going to be so lovely teaching in such a light filled space. @_evestudio_ occupied this beautiful space before us and to say they filled it with good energy would be an understatement. The good vibes are overflowing! There are still a few places left in my May 14th wall hanging class, which is perfect for a Mother's Day present! (This is the place to tag your loved ones for a cheeky 'hint hint' if you're a mum who wants to learn 😘💕). Don't be like me and leave it to the last minute… even as I write this I'm like, what on earth will I get my Mum? Flowers? Artwork? Massage? Macrame class! 😂😂 Also I just spilt coffee all over my pink top in a spectacular fashion at my local cafe. If you see a lady with coffee all over herself, no make up and dirty hair tied up in a headscarf that's me. Living the dream. Much (covered in coffee) Love, Maggie May xx . . . .

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