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Hi friends! Just a quick post to let you know that this weekend I’ll be hosting a yarn destash and sweater sale on my destashing Instagram @destashpanda.

I’ve got a pile of sweaters and cardigans that I just don’t wear enough to justify keeping them in my house, taking up space. Alternatively, I need to re-home a few sweaters before I re-knit them with minor adjustments to better fit my needs. This is your opportunity to scoop up a handknit sweater on the cheap!

The garments are all generally in the range of a 48″ bust. So that means there’s a lot of yarn in them, if you’re one of those folks who likes to take apart sweaters to reuse the yarn (I mean, I obviously could do this, but I know from experience with 2.5 sweaters that are waiting for me to do this for YEARS that I won’t do it, so). There’s nothing wrong with any of them; they’ve been worn a few times but not as often as some of my other favorite sweaters, so they need to go!

Since I have no idea how to fairly price sweaters and I want this to be as fair as possible to those folks who maybe don’t have as much disposable income, I’m borrowing a page from eBay and setting these up as an auction with a buy now feature. I will list a starting bid price, as well as a buy now price. If the bidding goes past the buy now price, the buy now option is off the table. The price does not include shipping—if you purchase a sweater, I’ll do my best to figure out the shipping cost based on your location.

For the yarn destash, you can get a sneak peek/jump on the sale by perusing my destash page. There are a couple of sweater quantities in there, as well as some great independent dyer finds. There will also be some grab bag options that aren’t listed in Ravelry. Yarn sales will only have one price that includes shipping in the US. If you’re outside the US, just let me know and I’ll adjust the shipping price accordingly.

Likewise, in the event that someone wishes to purchase more than one item, I will collect PayPal addresses in my Instagram DMs and issue invoices once the sale is done. That way I can easily adjust shipping for international folks, and combine/reduce shipping costs for repeat buyers.

ONE FINAL NOTE: I’m working to move the yarn and sweaters simply because I’m trying to reduce the amount of things in my life. I’m very fortunate to be in a good place, financially, and certainly don’t need the money from destashing these items. So half of the money that I take in over this sale will be donated to Feeding America.

(In case you’re curious about the other half, that’s going to shipping costs, and then whatever is left over will pay a few bills that I have set up through Spotify. Super glam, let me tell you.)

So please, follow @destashpanda on Instagram to check out the deals this weekend, and let your friends know about it too!

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