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New year, new goals, new socks

Happy 2012 to everyone! My New Year’s Eve was pretty anticlimactic. Laura came over, we poured some drinks, wound some yarn, and knit while watching Romancing the Stone until another friend came over and we chatted. I definitely fell asleep before midnight. Go me! I’ve already started on a new […]

Month in Review: December

Adios, December and 2011! It’s been a productive month, and a productive year. I did finish a pair of Wishbone Socks (blog post coming soon). I finished a Maile Cardigan. As well as my Chambourcin. And I knit another Due North. I broke out a crochet hook even! And I […]

Month in Review: November

For most of November, there wasn’t necessarily a great amount of projects finished—only one so far, actually—but there was a lot of progress made! I did finish this month’s pair of socks… …and knit the back and then the front of a sweater, and then re-knit the separate fronts (I […]

Sock Status Sunday: DONE!

Putting my Chambourcin on hold to block and try on the body meant I had a lot of free time on Wednesday evening. Free time plus a disc of Criminal Minds season 6 meant a second finished sock for a complete pair of Nutkins. As I mentioned last Sunday, I […]

Sock Status Sunday

As I mentioned yesterday, my sock knitting mojo has been usurped by my sweater knitting mojo—I separated the fronts last night and began shaping the right armhole this morning. But I have been working away on my second Nutkin sock as well, progress just seems to be slower than befits […]

Sock Status Sunday

I have finished the first of my Nutkins! I really like the way the colors play in the patterning—almost like an oil slick. I had a little trouble with my SSKs, in that I kept getting ladders between the last knit stitch and the SSK stitch. So I did some […]

Sock Status Sunday

Yes! In addition to Sweaterday, I’ve decided to devote Sundays in November to keeping track of my sock knitting progress. If nothing else, this will keep me plugging away on my socks instead of setting them aside to work exclusively on my Chambourcin. This month I’m knitting Nutkin by Beth […]

Month in Review: October

Ten months down, and only two to go! That thought kind of gives me a headache. So, this month, lots accomplished this month. One project finished early on that I can’t show you yet (and still need to photograph, now that I think about it). My Elise shawl. My Snicket […]

FO: Snicket

I’m feeling really inspired to knit monogamously lately. I think it’s because of Maria of Subway Knits and her “Queue-a-long,” in which participants are encouraged to only knit patterns from their individual queues. Snicket has been in my queue for three years now, and was also on the short list […]

Almost FO: Nemesis socks

If you’ve been following along with the Sock Saga for this month, you’ll know that I very nearly gave up on these socks a few days ago. I probably should have, now that I think about it. You see, at that point, I had a sneaking suspicion that the second […]

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