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Kickstart: Ragdoll Crochet Patterns

Usually when I write a Kickstart post, I try to make it something that’s not yarn related but is inspiring my creativity. For this post, though, I’m sharing a recent obsession of mine—crochet ragdoll patterns! (OH yeah, Happy May!) I’ve posted a couple of Ragdoll patterns from Spin a Yarn […]

FO: Crochet Afghan

I FINISHED SOMETHING. More importantly, I finished something that is, quite literally, the WIP that has been in progress for the longest time I’ve ever known. See, this afghan has a story behind it. My mother, as she is wont to do, likes to give me things as she’s finished […]

FO: Puffy Scarf

I have been on a yarn-crafting RAMPAGE this month. In trying to keep my mind focused on not bringing yarn home and instead knitting with what I have, I’ve been tallying all the yards out of finished projects. I’ll post a final tally at the end of the month, with […]

Puffy Stitch Crochetalong: The Details!

IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR THE PUFFIEST OF PUFFY CROCHETALONGS! photo source Not sure what’s happening? I… can’t remember how it happened exactly, but I came across the a Puff Stitch crochet scarf/cowl pattern and immediately fell in love. I babbled about it on Twitter, and Jacinta (@jacintillating) got on board […]

New Year Planning

Some of us have spent the last few weeks looking forward to the new year (well, those of us who were pretty sure the world wasn’t actually going to end on December 21). Most of this year was not so fantastic for me and I’m having trouble believing that 2013 […]

Friday Finds: Avengers Assemble!

Super special Friday Finds this week! Some of you may have noticed that I kind of love The Avengers. If you haven’t, you clearly need to be following me on Twitter. (Or not, if that’s not you’re kind of thing, but COME ON.) In honor of the DVD and Blu-ray […]

FO: Crocheted “Star” Blanket

It’s supposed to be a star, but it’s more of a starfish shape, really. I am terrible at counting stitches in crochet. Absolutely awful. And this shouldn’t be so difficult, as double crochet stitches stand out pretty well, but still, this blanket is sort of drunken star–shaped. And that’s okay. […]

Month in Review: October

Ten months down, and only two to go! That thought kind of gives me a headache. So, this month, lots accomplished this month. One project finished early on that I can’t show you yet (and still need to photograph, now that I think about it). My Elise shawl. My Snicket […]

FO: Elise Shawl

I kind of just want to have a post with pretty pictures of my crochet work, so… yeah. Details, if you’re wanting them. Pattern is Elise, yarn is Wollmeise Merino Superwash in Fucshia and I used almost the entire skein, crochet is still a foreign language to me but it […]