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FO: Japanese Lopi Sweater

I usually like to include the name of the pattern in my blog titles, but as this sweater is so sexily named #26 page 44, I simply called it Japanese Lopi Sweater. The “page 44” refers to the page number of the Japanese Iceland Lopi book (Etsy link), which is […]

FO: Paravel Wrap by Megan Goodacre

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been forever since I finished something? THAT’S BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN. Or rather, anything that I feel I can talk about here. SIGH. Anyway. I actually have TWO FOs to show off soon. The first is Megan Goodacre’s Paravel Wrap. This pattern has been in […]

Friday Finds

Happy Friday, friends! This week has kind of been a doozy for me, but it’s capped off with an unexpected three-day weekend, so that’s a great thing. What are you making this weekend? Heather Zoppetti, Diopside ($4) Sachiko Burgin, Curvo ($6) Julie Yeager, Moroccan Lattice Afghan ($7.99; crochet) Jen Smith, […]

FO: Hybrid Hudson Bay Blanket

I know it’s Friday, and that I usually post pattern finds on Fridays, but a) I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while and b) I’m really, really tired of the avalanche of messy bun hats (if they’re totally your jam, that’s awesome, but I’m pretty sure we […]

FO: Heroine Shawl

Happy 75th Birthday Wonder Woman! This shawl has been done for weeks but I only just now got around to taking pictures. And they’re really dumb pictures. But whatever. So I was super gung-ho about knitting this shawl. So much so that, the minute I saw the pattern, I immediately […]

FO: Tamarix Quilt

OMG, people, I have finished TWO THINGS in the last few days and I do not know what to do with myself. One of those things I finished is the Tamarix Quilt which I knit for Megi’s son Logan (who is about a year and a half now, so totally doing […]

FO: Gold Rush Shawl

OMG I FINISHED A THING THAT I CAN ACTUALLY SHARE HERE. I’m a little rusty—bear with me. When I was back east for Rhinebeck a month and a half ago, I crashed at Amy Christoffers house one evening, and spent much of the evening trying to abscond with her original […]

FO: Stoney Brook Tee

Hey, what do you know, another FO post! Today I’m going to finally talk about my Stoney Brook Tee. If you remember, I hosted a Stoney Brook Tee knitalong last autumn, and then promptly failed to finish knitting my own. It was not the first time nor the last time […]

FO: Mom’s Cowl

Hey so here’s a thing I finished in DECEMBER and never got around to posting. Go me! Of course, this is probably going to be a maddening post because… I totally winged this. Backstory! In October, right before I went to Rhinebeck, my mom put in a request for her […]