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lace knitting

FO: Cecilia Pullover

(Yes, it’s a crazy blurry outtake but for some reason I really like it.) And the award for fastest finished garment ever (for this Panda, at least) goes to my Cecilia pullover. I knit this in eleven days. This is really, truly, a simple sweater to knit. The tricky part […]

Time to Buckle Down

T-one week to the day I hope to get Loki’s scarf in the mail to Jessi, so it’s time to seriously buckle down and bust a move on that. I’m in good shape and I’m optimistic I can log extra hours this weekend. So if no one hears from me […]

Knit-a-long: Chambourcin

Back in July, I mentioned Ruth Garcia-Alcantud’s Chambourcin sweater in a Friday Finds. I immediately fell in love with the idea of a lacy hoodie—they’re season-spanning, probably a fast knit (I find that fingering weight yarn on size 5s goes fast, but maybe I just have a warped sense of […]

FO: Amy’s Scarf

Not this Amy; Amy Pond, from Doctor Who. It’s very confusing, but quite nice when the Doctor and Rory are speaking fondly of Amy—I just imagine it’s me! Yes, I know, I need to get out more. See, my dear friend Ashley is having a birthday later this month. And […]

FO: Rock Island Shawl

While I was at Maryland Sheep and Wool, my dear friend Sarah turned to me and said “pick out a yarn, I want to buy you something.” I may have put up a token protest, I may have jumped for joy and said “Okay” on the spot, I honestly can’t […]

FO: Amanda’s Shawl

When I made up that shawl pattern last month, I figured I’d put it on the back burner and attack it again when I had more brain power and could do some basic math. But my friend Amanda seemed very excited about the shawl and asked me about a pattern. […]

Friday Finds

I’m doing a “themed” finds here. There’s been lots of fantastic lacy shawl patterns popping up lately, so I collected a bunch of them to post here. Those of you who were up at silly o’clock this morning for the royal wedding probably shouldn’t cast on any of these immediately; […]

From scratch

I think it can be generally agreed that we, as knitters, crocheters, crafters in general, don’t always mind “taking the long road.” We could buy sweaters, socks, hats, scarves, mittens, etc, yet we choose, persist, and persevere in making our own. Doing it our way. Making things work to achieve […]

Strange Bird Shawl, revealed

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a sneak peek of a project that I’d finished for a swap partner. I just found out that my swap partner received her package, so now I can talk about it! The pattern was Strange Bird by Ashley Knowlton, and I really […]