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Month in Review

Month in Review: January 2015

What the hell happened to January? I know it happened. I just can’t believe it’s already gone. It was crazy busy and I feel like I blinked and we went from December to February. I took two trips, one to Arizona and one to California, and also came down with […]

Month in Review: November 2014

I’m having so much trouble with the fact that it’s December already. November was kind of a whirlwind with my trip to Ireland and general busy-ness, but seriously, December! While November flew by and all, it was also a pretty productive month. I finished knitting a baby blanket for a […]

Month in Review: October 2014

Yeah I’m late with this. Not that there was a lot to share, with being so busy. I went to Rhinebeck and it was awesome! Too brief and short-lived but awesome all the same. And I finished a shawl! I also knitted part of my Halloween costume! There hasn’t been […]

Month in Review: September 2014

Adios, September! You were a crazy month of busy-ness and terrible weather (…okay the weather was pretty nice in general but not for September—so many sweaters, so few days of appropriate temperatures) and I will not be sorry to see you go. Especially since tomorrow is October and October means […]

Month in Review: August 2014

Another month, another month in review! August was a busy month here at Threadpanda. I worked on a lot of different projects, as you can see the collection of Wordless WIP Wednesdays, but unfortunately I didn’t finish any of them this month. I did, however, post about a couple of […]

Month in Review: July 2014

If you happened to see this go live earlier, sorry about that! I started a post, set it to go live at a certain time, and then forgot to actually update it. I swear there’s content for July. In fact there’s some content I finished but haven’t blogged about yet, […]

Month in Review: June 2014

June was a welcome return to feeling productive about my knitting. I finished three projects—all of them in laceweight because I’m crazy—and overall, I just felt a lot better about life. Clearly my outlook is heavily tied to the amount of time I get to play with yarn. First, I […]

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