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lace knitting

FO: Paravel Wrap by Megan Goodacre

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been forever since I finished something? THAT’S BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN. Or rather, anything that I feel I can talk about here. SIGH. Anyway. I actually have TWO FOs to show off soon. The first is Megan Goodacre’s Paravel Wrap. This pattern has been in […]

FO: Gold Rush Shawl

OMG I FINISHED A THING THAT I CAN ACTUALLY SHARE HERE. I’m a little rusty—bear with me. When I was back east for Rhinebeck a month and a half ago, I crashed at Amy Christoffers house one evening, and spent much of the evening trying to abscond with her original […]

Haruni and Fashion

About a week or so ago, I finished my Haruni! I loved the way this came out, though I’m not in love with the pattern itself. I believe I discussed this before, but the “choose your own adventure” approach to knitting is both liberating and frustrating. However, I do greatly […]

Feats of strength?

Last weekend was not such a great weekend for me. It wasn’t terribly awful, either, but it was marked by a persistent headache that only went away late on Sunday when I gave up and went back to bed for a nap, as well as personal troubles and an unwillingness […]

FO: Quill Lace Socks

I was on a finishing kick this weekend. I finished knitting and weaving in ends on my Owls sweater, and I finished my Quill Lace Socks (affectionately called “Walk Like a Zombie Socks”, in homage to the colorway and one of my favorite HorrorPops songs). The yarn is Fresh from […]

Winter and lace

Ahh, winter. While I am big fan of you (at least right now, given that this is my first “real” winter), I am not a fan of your insistence that the sun should go away at 4:30 PM. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely pro-sun. It has it’s purposes, […]

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