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Haruni and Fashion

About a week or so ago, I finished my Haruni! I loved the way this came out, though I’m not in love with the pattern itself. I believe I discussed this before, but the “choose your own adventure” approach to knitting is both liberating and frustrating. However, I do greatly […]

Sadly, not a knitting post

This is a crafting blog. Given that knitting takes up most of my time, it’s fitting to expect that knitting will take up most of the space here. But from time to time, I’ll also post things that I’ve crocheted or sewn, given that I also do those forms of […]

A Balancing Act

There are numerous adages and myths that revolve around the need for balance between good and evil, light and dark, chaos and harmony, etc. I don’t know if there’s one specifically related to crafting, but anyone who has ever chosen or felt called to making things by hand understands that […]

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