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Two incredibly disparate ideas

I believe I forgot to mention that I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ann Budd. Yes, The Ann Budd, prolific knitwear author and editor at Interweave Press. We didn’t have a chance to speak much, but I feel this is incredibly noteworthy for two reasons: One, it’s Ann Budd; […]


Or: How I Spent a Portion of My Tax Refund I work in a very creative environment. Most of my coworkers create something in their spare time, be it beaded jewelry, scrumptious handspun yarn, or musical compositions, and this is a fabulous, and dangerous, thing. When I volunteered to knit […]

I do know better, really

I know better than to think that I can go to a fiber event and not buy anything. I must have gone a bit batty when I thought that I could. Allow me to explain. Last week, I discovered via one of the LYS’s Twitters that the 4th Annual KnitWear […]


I can’t really show you any of the knitting I’m working on at the moment. One is a gift, another is a test knit, and then there’s a couple of projects that I haven’t yet cast on for but can’t quite talk about yet, and that’s really all my brain […]

Craft Fairs!

This past weekend was craft fair weekend, apparently. Saturday morning, the French Nest Open Air Market took place at the City Park in Fort Collins. A large number of vendors of all sorts of crafty and vintage varieties set up on the lawn, and a couple of friends and I […]

Photographic lament

Oh, Florida weather. Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State, but anyone who’s lived here long enough and perhaps visited frequently enough will be able to tell you that during the summer, it rains every. Single. Day. And I like the rain, and we apparently always need the rain when it […]

Very soon, the Shawl Post

Soon, very, very soon, I will be posting about the Wedding Shawl. But first, I’m going to show off my new yarns. This skein and the next two yarns in the photos are payment yarn for a project I worked on a little while ago. That beauty up there is […]

I do like a challenge

A dear friend of mine is getting married in just two and a half weeks, and I am incredibly excited to be able to attend (wedding is in Colorado, I am in Florida, this is going to be the wedding for which I have traveled the farthest, and only the […]

Let’s play a little game.

April 1 is apparently “Flash your Stash” day, among other days, and while I took photos of almost all of my stash on that day, I didn’t get around to posting them here. So now I am, and we’ll play a game. It’s called “can Amy name all the yarn […]

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