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FO: Raindance Sweater

There was no Sweaterday this past Saturday because my Raindance was drying, and there probably won’t be another Sweaterday for a little while as I’m taking a break to churn out a bunch of smaller projects in my queue (like the Oscilloscope Shawl that I knit in two days over […]

Sweaterday: Keeping On

Not a lot has changed since we last saw Raindance. That’s not entirely true, it just looks as though not a lot has changed. See last week I was about halfway through the front yoke. This week, I’m done with the front yoke, the left shoulder and back, the right […]

Sweaterday: Two-Tone

I made so much progress on my Raindance over the last week! Spending seven hours in a car over the weekend on the way to and from Steamboat Springs will do that for a person. It’s a lot of stockinette stitch and pretty boring but great for being in a […]

Sweaterday: On to the Next One

I still haven’t finished blogging about I∂unn yet—hopefully there will be pictures taken today, of some sort—but I’ve already cast on for my next sweater. This month, the Sweater Odyssey group is knitting along to designs from Heidi Kirrmaier. I’m knitting Raindance using some of the Quince and Co Chickadee […]

Sweaterday: Swimming Along

I made a lot of progress on my I∂unn sweater this week. I brought four balls of yarn (which miraculously arrived the night before I left—a mailperson dropped them off around 7 PM, well after my regular mail had been delivered—I’m not sure what happened there), and knit all four […]

Sweaterday: One down, four more to go

Vivian is DONE. Done done done. Aside from the zipper. But she’s currently finishing drying after her dip in the woolwash yesterday morning, so I’m calling her done. Hopefully soon I’ll have quality finished object photos and I can talk about her in detail. The new hotness (yes, I said […]

Sweaterday: The Home Stretch

Miss Vivian, as I have taken to calling my sweater (in my head, that is; this is the first time I’ve referred to her as such “out loud”), is very nearly complete… ish. Both sleeves are done, and last night I joined them with the body and started working on […]

Sweaterday: La Vivian

Things just sound better with a foreign language article placed in front of them, don’t they? Maybe that’s just me. So, I did begin my Vivian, and I’ve made it 40 rows so far. This is more exciting to photograph, it just requires me remembering to photograph it and talk […]

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