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Today, November 1, marks the beginning of a very busy month. In addition to all the pre-holiday hoopla (well, if you’re in the United States; anyone not celebrating our Thanksgiving still has some time until the Winter Holiday Season), there’s National Novel Writing Month. And National Knit a Sweater Month.

Then there’s National Blog Posting Month, in which a blogger commits to writing one blog post every day for a month. This is more my speed, right now. I’ve got enough knitting deadlines that I don’t need to add a sweater to the list, and trying to write a cohesive, 50,000 word novel is incredibly unlikely to happen. Random blog posts centered around playing with yarn? I got this.

So, to start this venture off on the day after Halloween, I figured I’d share a few Halloween-inspired knitting patterns that I’ve come across on Ravelry. You know, so you can be prepared next year.

Pumpkin Head! I think these are hilarious, and so well-crafted. I’m going to point out that these are likely not so breathable, so I wouldn’t suggest wearing them on your head (I think they’re modeled on statues?), but if you have an Ichabod Crane theme happening, these would be perfect for a Headless Horseman costume.

These weird cats are adorable! Yarn choice could make these felines super creepy, or super wacky. They sort of put me in mind of Alice in Wonderland; make a few striped versions and have Cheshire Cats peeking out around your house.

Fat-free and low calorie (okay, no calorie), these little candy corn are great stash busters. Make some Zombie Candy Corn, or Vampire Candy Corn; use that fun fur for some Werewolf Candy Corn!

Thus begins a month of blog posts (hopefully). To keep this interesting to you, the reader, I’d love to hear any suggestions for blog topics. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to read about!

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