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Friday Finds

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to a warm and hopefully productive weekend! Productive in the sense of cleaning all the things, but possibly also finishing a sock and starting on the second one. We’ll see which happens (or which happens first).

  • Impavido ($6) by Christiane Burkhard is a convertible shawl that transforms into… everything! The color pattern is what initially drew my eye, but you *have* to go to the project page to see the different ways in which she’s styled it.

  • Ruth Garcia-Alcantud has a new cardigan pattern, Caramel (£6) and I love the side closure and contrast ribbon.

  • This week features two patterns from Joji Locatelli! The first is Rocio ($6), a simple, open cardigan with lace detail on the back.

  • The second is Umbrellas ($6), a colorwork yoke tee featuring, you guessed it, umbrellas in stranded colorwork. Both Umbrellas and Rocio are available individually, or combined with two other patterns as part of Joji’s April Showers collection ($15).

  • From the Berroco Design Team comes Pern (free), a short sleeved textural tee knit in their Captiva yarn. (I will admit, this was partly chosen for the name–any Anne McCaffrey fans out there?)

  • I gave a friend a choice between a knitted panda for her unborn child, or Basil, the Boogie Woogie Brontosaurus ($6) by Rebecca Danger, and she chose Basil! So I will be knitting one of these little guys very soon, and knitting a panda for myself. If you, too, want to knit Basil, the pattern is on sale—only $4 if you buy before May 19.

    All photos are from Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted.

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