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Super Six, July 2013!

Yep. Still haven’t posted about Estes Park Wool Market. But the fact that I keep remembering that has to mean something. Right?

Anyway, six things I’m looking forward to this month! How about you?

  1. Fourth of July! Traditionally a rallying point to celebrate the United States Declaration of Independence (even though that document wasn’t signed until August; our political system has never been terribly efficient), currently an excuse to get together and eat lots of food and watch things go boom in the sky. I’m not knocking it. I love food. And explosions that are far away from me. And taxation with representation.
  2. Packing! I’m moving apartments in a couple of weeks and I’m stoked about my new place, and including packing on here as an attempt to become excited about the prospect of spending the next four days packing (in between eating and also going to Ikea to pick up a couch). I like the idea of packing, and really considering what needs to be moved and what can be culled, but the actual packing is… less fun. BUT I WILL MAKE IT FUN WITH SWEDISH POP MUSIC AND KNITTING TIME REWARDS.
  3. AIR CONDITIONING. This is so trivial in the great scheme of life and I acknowledge that, I really do, but there’s a reason I identify with pandas and pandas do not do well in heat. New apartment has a/c. I’m going to be sleeping on the floor for four days until the movers move things because I cannot sleep when I’m hot.
  4. Much Ado About Nothing! Have plans to see it with some friends this weekend, assuming I make it back from Ikea on time! So so so excited.
  5. KNITTING. I have been knitting like a fiend. And casting on like a bigger fiend. I’m halfway through my first Bowties are Cool sock (I’ll probably get close to finishing it this evening on the drive to a friend’s house for celebratory eating). I cast on for a Gemini last night. I’ve got another pair of socks in progress, though they are for a friend and I need her to try on the first one.


  6. A return to something resembling normalcy. In which normalcy involves a lot of capital letters. Sorry.

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