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So I didn’t post a WIP Wednesday yesterday. Not because I’m not working on things—I’m pretty close to finishing the first sleeve of my mom’s cardigan, and I have 9 very, very long rows to go on Glacerie (seriously, I timed myself—11 minutes to knit one row in all knit stitches using Continental knitting). I just haven’t had a chance to get pictures of the pieces, because it’s getting darker earlier now and I’ve been so busy lately that there’s no light at all when I get home most evenings.

Now I find myself at another WIP crossroads—I need a project to take with me to Rhinebeck; I don’t want to take the sleeves because they’re white and I fully intend to knit something while I’m surrounded by a bunch of dust, animals, and delicious food; the shawl is just too unwieldy at this point (it doesn’t leave my couch because there are so many stitches and I’m convinced that moving it will screw something up).

I’m torn between knitting Lateral by Cookie A (there’s some kind of irony that, from Cookie’s first collection featuring phenomenal garments, I’m looking to knit the one pair of socks before anything else)…

…and Jane Richmond’s beautiful Strathcona.

Both would be pretty mindless, which is good news for plane knitting and knitting around a bunch of people. I had thought about bringing yarn to swatch for my future Hiro but I don’t think that will last long enough (though I still might do this anyway). Hiro is going to be my NaKniSweMo challenge, or I would just start it (oh look, I do have some vestiges of restraint left).

What are you knitting at Rhinebeck? Or are you just planning to buy future projects?

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  1. I was just wondering what I should bring! Sort of last minute, but I held out hope that I’d finish that fingering weight, colourwork sweater. So, I *might* bring that, but I’m thinking the more responsible choice would be a sample I’m knitting up of a worsted weight sweater. Much more manageable!

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