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Throwback Thursday in Knits: 101 Sweaters by Women’s Day, part 1

People. People, people, people. I made the most amazing re-discovery over the weekend while I was starting to clean out and organize my craft room: I have a ridiculous collection of “vintage” knitting paraphernalia. Why do I have these things? I’m a collector at heart and a pack rat in nature (and a minimalist in my head… yes this creates a lot of internal discord). That’s all I can think of. I don’t even know how I acquired some of these pieces, but I decided over the weekend that it’s a complete shame for me to keep these all to myself. And lo, Throwback Thursday in Knits is born!

So first up, I’m going to share some wonders from a Women’s Day compilation, titled 101 Sweaters, copyright 1972 by Fawcett Publiciations. All photos are their property, I just think they’re fun.


Oh yeah, we’re totally doing this.

I cannot even begin to read these notes, but I like to think that someone did their appropriate swatching and these are their adjustments to the pattern.

Some of these patterns would totally hold up today, I think. Some of them… maybe not.

I would totally knit this big cable-y goodness, no lie.
This totally makes me think of the Retro Ribby Socks.
That sweater on the left? Sarah will be trying to replicate it once she sees it, I bet you $10.

I can’t leave this post off without sharing some of the advertisements. Again, I do not own these, I just question their effectiveness (maybe these were de rigeur ads 40 years ago, what do I know?).


Next time on Throwback Thursday in Knits: 101 Sweaters, part 2, or the Men’s and Children’s patterns.

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  1. I saw that triangle top and thought, “Crap that looks like something I sketched!” I am so predictable, even the 70s know me! ps. I am loving how awesomely bad some of these are. Hope nobody looks back on my designs and laughs but I’m sure some are already doing that. No shame in my game!

    1. Like I said, there are some that I would totally knit! And then others… not so much. Even if someone dares to think that about your designs, there will be others who rightfully think they’re awesome.

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