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Live Tweet Review: Rowan Magazine 56

I’ve been talking about the Rowan Magazine 56 ever since I saw the preview for it—I first talked about it here in the very first Last Week on the Web. I finally got my hands on it, purchased and shipped very quickly from Jimmy Beans Wool and I decided to live tweet a review—which basically just means I flooded twitter with inane ramblings and photos.

So if you don’t follow me on Twitter or were being a normal, sane person and sleeping or just not paying attention to my stupidity, you’re going to pay for it now. I mean, here’s your second chance.

Look book can be found here if you’re interested. I’m going to figure out how to print that photo and wallpaper my office with it. #professional

As if my completely quality comments weren’t enough, this happened.

Of course there was some of this too.

And just so we’re all clear…

I am in no way compensated for this “review.” All opinions are entirely my own, photos and text belong to Rowan, I am just easily amused and think I’m funny.

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