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Last Week on the Web

Only four more weeks left in the year! Here’s what happened last week on the knitting web.

Knits in the News
This adorable sheepy marriage proposal is ADORABLE.

I think we could all use a Stress Less Fest now and then (or always).

Looking for a career change? Take a chance on Detroit, where locals are crying out for yarn shops.

Well, a yarn-bombed double-decker bus is definitely going to get noticed one way or another.

Actress Amanda Seyfried was spotted knitting a hat while at the dog park. In the article, she’s quoted as saying she took up knitting to learn to mend clothes, and “I have to do lots of things at the same time. It’s an obsessive-compulsive thing,” she said. “So when I’m on the elliptical machine, which I do almost every day, I have to be knitting, playing Sudoku and listening to things.” I tend to read or watch TV while I’m knitting—thank goodness for eBooks!

Melissa Wehrle spoke with Jared Flood about her design for Wool People 8, Eaves.

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Dianna Walla of Paper Tiger is on a hiatus for the month of December so she marked down all of her patterns. Score.

Amy Herzog has written a follow up to Knit to Flatter, called Knit Wear Love, and it’s available for pre-order (releases in March of 2015).

Want to knit a sweater for a man? This
handy measuring guide is intended for sewing projects but works for knitting projects as well!

WEBS has written up a great post on how to weave in your ends as you go.

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