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I didn’t really come across any technique or yarn-related articles, but there sure were a lot of cool knitting stories last week. Which was your favorite?

Knits in the News
Knitters in an Australian knitting group help local wildlife be rehabilitated by knitting pouches for injured animals. BRB stuffing my cat into a knitted pouch, because LOOK HOW ADORABLE.

I’ve heard all of these from stories from other knitters, but 4. Definitely number 4. Five reactions you get when you tell people you’re a knitter.
Another very accurate knitting-related list: You know you’re a knitter when…
You may feel like your project is never ending somedays, but just think—you’ve never knit SEVENTEEN MILES of rope.
Love this lady and her totally knit Captain America costume.
A few weeks ago there was talk about Meryl Streep and knitting, and this week we learned that Meryl herself knit the shawl she wore in the movie Doubt.
This is possibly the WORST April Fool’s Joke ever, only because I kind of want it to be a real thing. Ryan Gosling’s new yarn line.

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