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Happy Monday! Or at least, let’s pretend that it is?

Knits in the News
Rachel Coopey is hosting the Summer of Socks knitalong, complete with prizes!

You go Old Navy with your giant knitted rainbow.

Moment of truth: 23 of the realest knitting problems according to Tumblr.

Also truth.

Look there was just a lot of truth dropped on the internet last week.

Yoshi’s Wooly World makes me want a Wii: just look at how beautiful this is!

Berroco’s Summer Splurge is on again! Buy Berroco yarn from your LYS and get free Berroco patterns.

Do lace charts stymie you a bit? Karie Bookish breaks down chart reading to make it easier. shared 6 ways to join yarn. Do you have a favorite?

And finally, Alpaca Direct shares four different sock-heel constructions. There’s many more ways to make a sock heel, but this is a great place to start. Share your favorite heels in the comments!

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