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Last Week on the Web

It says Last Week on the web but it’s really the last Month—I’ve just been adding to this as I found new and interesting news items and then not having time to actually write it out. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for the long haul!

Knits in the News
Even more fodder for knitting whenever and wherever you can: another “knitting is healthy” article.

I know that knitted Christmas sweaters pretty much have a bad rap, but then sometimes they feature Luke Skywalker and a wampa and everything’s better.

Not wrong: 11 ways knitting is like a drug.

Darn Good Yarn Company is making a difference in the lives of women in Nepal and India.

Knitters Against Swatches is a knitter’s take on Cards Against Humanity, but it only has 36 cards at the moment, so shortest game ever.

You probably know most of these, but just in case, 20 things you may not have known about wool.

It’s maybe a little late to whip up some of these, but keep Julie at Knitted Bliss’s list of top 10 Halloween knitting decorations on your radar for next year.

I’m pretty sure we can all relate to this: 11 stages of knitting your first scarf.

Yeah… this is pretty much all me. Knitters reactions to cold weather.

Vogue India busting some myths about wool over here. Share with all your “but wool is itchy!” friends.

The ladies of the Swindon Bitch and Stitch group are clearly supportive—they created a giant bra to bring attention to breast cancer research.

What’s your knitting face? I got “The Blissed Out Knitter”:

Happy, contented, smiling knitters who look like they should be on the cover of a magazine. These knitters knit for stress relief and nothing can put a bee in their bonnet when they’ve got their mitts on some needles. The blissed out knitter can be any age or experience level, because they know that knitting is a one way ticket to happiness.

We also know that knitting sometimes requires copious amounts of alcohol.

Another oldie but a goodie from Ysolda: working bust darts into sweaters with all over stitch patterns.

Andi Satterlund shares 5 reasons why knitting a sweater goes wrong and I concur with every. Single. One. Read it!

Karen at Fringe Association did an in-depth and greatly informative interview with Meri Tanaka of Amirisu to discuss the basics of how to read a Japanese knitting pattern.

If you’ve never worked a bottom up seamless yoke sweater, be sure to read Ysolda’s blog post on joining the sleeves and body.

Leah Thibault shares reasons and methods for adding a ribbon backing to a knitted button band.

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