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fair isle

FO: Får Hat

I’m catching up on FO posts, beginning with the last one I finished first. Because why not. Back when I spotted the Woolfolk yarn at Rhinebeck, I purposefully bought two skeins of the worsted weight Får in different colors so I could knit a colorwork hat. Look at me, planning […]

A good day for knitwear

I tried something new yesterday—sledding. Florida doesn’t really have hills and definitely doesn’t have snow, and my family was never one for traveling much in the winter, so I’d never really had a chance to try out snow sports like sledding. So it would have been a great day to […]

Ice is cold and other revelations

Scraping ice off one’s windshield in the mornings before leaving for work is probably a pretty common winter occurrence in most parts of the world. I, however, like to bring my own spin to this chore by giggling my way through it, because it means that a) it’s cold and […]


I have been completely obsessed with stranded colorwork lately. I can’t get it off of my mind. 1. 2. 3. I love unexpected color combinations, and updated takes on traditional stranded knitting, especially Fair Isle and Norwegian styles. 4. 5. 6. And I love how people use stranded colorwork to […]

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