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FO: Får Hat

I’m catching up on FO posts, beginning with the last one I finished first. Because why not.

Back when I spotted the Woolfolk yarn at Rhinebeck, I purposefully bought two skeins of the worsted weight Får in different colors so I could knit a colorwork hat. Look at me, planning for a project! Did I have a specific pattern in mind? No, of course, not. Don’t be silly.

All I knew was that I wanted the softest, squishiest colorwork hat ever. Well I succeeded! I didn’t use a pattern—at this moment I can’t even remember how many stitches I cast on, though I can tell you I did things a little funny. I used a provisional cast-on in the tan color and worked the top of the hat. The stitch patterns came from Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting.

I used a provisional cast on because, while I knew I wanted to use the gray yarn for the ribbing, I wasn’t sure how much would be eaten up in the colorwork pattern. Not that much, in the end. I was able to have a nice, solid ribbing, and I have enough yarn of both skeins left to make a pompom or something really, really wee.

Obviously it would have been nicer if I had more contrast between the colors, but I also like the subtle difference.

I knit this hat in a day. I think it was Christmas day, in fact. So the nice worsted weight yarn worked up really fast, and OMG IT’S LIKE WEARING A CLOUD. A deliciously warm cloud. On your head. Yum.

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