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Rhinebeck Wrap-up!

Aaaah what a whirlwind, crazy week! I flew out to New York Friday afternoon, took the train up to Rhinecliff Saturday morning, and then flew back to Colorado Sunday night—basically 48 hours of travel, in which I saw many people (though sadly did not get to visit with anyone as […]

Rhinebeck Recap

Rhinebeck was a blast. A terrible-for-my-plans-to-stash-down blast, but I’m not sure what else I expected. I originally wrote a much longer post but then when I added the photos, the post got really long and also I forgot to upload some of my other photos, so this is Rhinebeck recap […]


Inspired by a post by John and Sherry over at Young House Love (which any of DIYers should be reading, for serious), I went over to Ethan Allen and took their What’s Your Style? quiz. Apparently my signature style is “Elegance.” Classic design elements, yes, I do like those. Luxurious […]

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