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stonecutter’s cardigan

Sweaterday: Masochist Edition

What kind of idiot leaves the house before 8 AM when it’s about 20° outside to take photos of knitwear? Masochists, that’s who. The thought process was “The light will be awesome and the high for tomorrow is supposed to be about 20°, so it will actually be warmer if […]

Sweaterday: Two for One

Happy December 1! As I mentioned on Thursday, I’m nearly done with my Stonecutter’s Cardigan. I snapped some photos yesterday while we had some sunlight. Why yes, those are needles still holding the collar stitches and the ball of yarn that’s attached to them. Even though the collar had been […]

Sweaterday: Almost there

Sleeves are done! And now they’re drying. One of the reasons I’m really excited about this pattern is that I’ve never done saddles sleeves before. The long strip above the sleeve cap forms the top of the shoulder, extending the cable from the sleeve. So… that’s really the majority of […]

Sweaterday: Zipping Along

There’s been a good amount of progress on my Stoncutter’s Cardigan this week! Why yes, that is a finished body blocking out on my kitchen floor, and almost dry. And yes, that sleeve is roughly halfway done. Soooo yeah. This pattern is incredibly addictive and incredibly fun to knit and […]

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